Twitter charging for a verification

Twitter charging for a verification :-> As we know this is the world of social media and each and everybody is totally dependent on it . As far as the news Twitter will start charging $20  for a blue tick in a month. Although it has some pros and cons for the users and the company. Which is all written as follows

Twitter charging for a verification

On one side of the coin, it may help the app Twitter to earn more Revenue, and do you have all the losses it faces in the past? Elon Musk has a business mind they do not look at that kind of decision which makes a disaster for their company. Already lawn Musk give orders to their workers that they should complete their target who introduced paid verifications on Twitter otherwise back up and leave.

Elon musk’s Twitter ordered that if you user wants a bluetick then He/she may give 4.99$ for a Blue Tick. Elon Musk gives ultimatums to verified users in 90 days for forgetting to verify all live their verified accounts.

On the other side of the point, it may affect badly on the Twitter social media platform.  In this expensive world, everybody wants free services nobody wants to spend their savings on such things.  Maybe people find some alternative to this.

To conclude, this decision may be good don’t know if it may affect us badly on Twitter.  This is a brave step taken by a. C e o of the Twitter .

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