Despite of right ankle soreness Dak Prescott will be playing on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

 Head coach Mike McCarthy said "I don't have any concern about him playing,"

However, McCarthy he said "we checked him out. We made sure everything was good.

McCarthy stated that Prescott will be fully participating for two more days of practice and will be fully fit for gameday.

Prescott stated that the ankle he had surgically treated was "uncomfortable" after wearing a different type of cleat for the first time

Prescott was in the field during part of the practice session

Dak Prescott claimed he had broken with a brand fresh pair of Nike Jordan 11s

 Prescott said Thursday "I promise you I'm great,"Just being very, very precautious. Switched shoes today, probably wasn't the best idea. 

When asked the reason Prescott was not able to change to cleats that are more comfortable and then return to training, McCarthy said, "high caution."

We do it with all the players. There's always exams or things that go on "Head Coah said"