The Caribbean Ocean is blending a storm that is threatening targeted the Florida Landmass targeted

forecasters are  also warning of a rapid increase in intensity that could propel the structure to severe storm intensity

The typhoon named Tropical Discouragement Nine

The typhoon named Tropical Discouragement Nine

The same time gaining strength throughout the Caribbean with 35-mph winds , and traveling west-northwest.

The North direction as it moves towards the western part of Cuba is typical Monday prior to it beginning to make a splash on the 83-to-85-degree high-power waters of Bay of Mexico.

Community meteorologists stated that the track estimate on Friday was a spreading from to the east Bay of Mexico to east of Miami

The typhoon community has updated Tropical Discouragement 10, which is located near the shores of Africa 

It  is expected to rapidly dissipate, to hurricane Hermine around 5. p.m. on Friday.

Specialists warn of rapid increase of tempests that could make the shores of Florida within a week

If the tempest continues to follow the official track on Friday, it will land on Wednesday and would be called Ian