Using Google docs with Grammarly has a number of various highlights . let's follow how

The red underline feature shows the mistakes in the line and while you  hover on that Red Line it shows some suggestions to correct it

now it's up to you you to grab it or lose it  that suggestions

Feature of  Grammarly icon which is on the lower right corner side

if the icon is red that means you make some mistake

if the icon is the Green  it means you are in the line a Grammarly is checking your work

Feature of   Grammarly Sidebar is appearing on the right side is used to see the list of suggestions in a deep.

The feature of Goal setting is used to set the parameters of writing

you can lay out objectives for the crowd, convention, space, and purpose of your piece

To change these objectives, open the Grammarly Sidebar and snap the objective with a bolt in it at the top.