Liz Truss appointed as the next prime minister by Queen Elizabeth on Tuesday 

Truss  during her  victory speech that she said that they must reduce the taces and make economy stable

 Bracket will turn into the country's fourth forerunner in a politically violent six-year time frame.

In  this years it is  third time  that a change of the  prime minister has occurred without having a  general election.

liz Truss said,"We will deliver, we will deliver, and we will deliver"  

Furthermore, we will Deliver an extraordinary triumph for the Conservative Party in 2024

Liz Truss replaces Boris Johnson

Rishi sunak is a rival  of liz truss in  this votes  

Sir Graham Brady said the polling form had been "free and fair," 

 He also expressed gratitude toward the party individuals and all 

 He  also said Liz Truss and Sunak were "exceptional" and had run "incredible missions."