Zuckerberg has seen his assets drop by more than $71 billion in the last yearas calculated by Bloomberg.

Zuckerberg is currently 38 and has dropped from number.

Zuckerberg is third on the Forbes list of the top tycoons in 2013 to No. 22 today.

The drop is due to the stupendous drop in the value of Meta's shares, that holds the bulk of Zuckerberg's wealth

The loss of the financial exchange of 2022 has decreased the personal worth but not more then Meta chief Imprint Zuckerberg.

Since Facebook was transformed into Meta about a year earlier the stock has dropped about 60% value

In addition to easing back revenue, Meta detailed its very first drop in client numbers in February.

The company has increased its spending typically by 10 billion dollars per year to develop the computer-generated simulation Metaverse

This is a cause for concern for those who are financial supporters

"I cannot be sure that I will insist that people invest more time on computers," Zuckerberg expressed, as reported by Fortune.

"I just want the time people have using screens to be more enjoyable."