Get ready !! Nagarjun is just ready to host  the most awaited show Bigg Boss Telugu  season 6

In Bigg Boss season 6 we not may see the big stars but we can find some of the famous personalities which  is  selected in a same or different fields.

Naga Arjun set for their Charismatic entry and also with their performance.

Telugu Bigg Boss season 6 contestants with also all set with their performance

up to 17 to 20 contestants will enter the house tonight

Contestant of Bigg Boss season 6 is also chosen  from the the social media platform.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt is also for promoting their upcoming movie.

Nagarjuna wears a white dress in which she looks extraordinary.

Nagarjun makes this show full of energy with his sense of humor   with scolding and pulling the legs of the contestants.

Get ready for watching the  episode a good night Bigg Boss Telugu season 6