Tesla AI Day 2022 was held on Friday to celebrate the progress made in vehicle and autonomous robot research.

We were able to see the Optimus robot walking around the stage, as well as updates on self-driving technology

The Tesla Bot can walk on its own

Optimus was finally revealed. It is 73kg in weight, has a 2.3kWh lithium-ion battery and can walk and wave with third-party actuators

on Musk tweeted that there wosuld be a catgirl verion to his Optimus robot shortly after revealing it

Although it is hard to determine if Musk was serious, he replied to a Q&A question that suggested there might be other appearances of Optimus. 

The robot can be skinned in many ways.

Tesla is building a huge, custom-built stack hardware called Dojo to train the AI on all the video it's receiving and beaming back.

 Tesla used a lot of hardware to get the AI team the required performance to process 30 Petabytes of footage.