Tua Tagovailoa was carried off on an stretcher on Thursday night during an NFL contest 

But there coach(McDaniel) said that the injury was on the back

How are teams expected to determine the severity of head injuries?

The NFL defines a concussion resulting  to be "a traumatic brain injury induced by biomechanical forces."

Concussions can occur due to any part of the body that transfers pressure to the brain, according to the league.

concussion may include a symptoms of loss consciousness

On game days Unaffiliated neurotrauma specialists (UNCs)  inside an arena booth to monitor the game for signs of concussion.

NFL sanctions Miami Dolphins owner over inquiry into tampering, tanking, and Tom Brady.

The fans are very much unhappy with the dolphin that how they dealt with Tagovailoa.

"The bottom line regarding Tua is LIFE is bigger than football," former NFL  Robert Griffin  said.